Generations Of War will document stories from the community – Japanese American and beyond – to address issues of war, resistance and pro peace action as well as the legacy and myriad affects war has on our communities.


The Veterans

The initial impetus for this project and site was to capture interviews and stories with Japanese American, Sansei Vietnam Veterans who became activists and community builders in various ways after the war.  These were guys who came back from Vietnam and literally stepped into the Asian American Movement.

Activists In Conversation

"Activists In Conversation" is part of an ongoing series of conversations between activists of varying generations and sectors of work, we hope to cover many more between various pairs of LA-based organizers, activists, artists, educators, workers, and beyond.

UCLA Collaboration

UCLA M116, Asian American Social Movements: Strategies For Community Education is a course instructed by Professor Glenn Omatsu. This class is unique in which it is a service learning class that emphasizes the role that Asian American and Pacific islander students can play in recovering the hidden stories of Asian American veterans.